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 Panunzio's Kitchen was born in the United Kingdom after four wonderful and interesting years on-site studying the British traditions, habits, and personal tastes as well as working in the ice-cream production and confectionery sectors.

Daniele Panunzio comes from a background where he used to observe his grandmother at work where he develops the passion and love of Gelato Ice cream. At a really young age, he went on gaining theoretical experience throughout many training courses and Italian National Ice-cream-maker competitions as well as practical knowledge. and thanks to a 20-year experience in the field between Italy and UK dealing with artisan ice cream, cold confectionery, cakes, mignon, cafeteria and so on He is confident to share the most amazing flavours you'll ever taste. 



Ice Cream

We are pasionate about Gelato!

Our goal is to convey some of the Italian flavours elsewhere donating to you the feeling of being in Italy. We are proud of our traditions and we truly love to share them.


It's what's on the inside that counts

We are always pursuing the best available products and primary ingredients on the market, indeed all our commodities are prepared using ingredients found in nature such as: fresh organic milk, fresh cream, sugar, honey, fruit etc. Our job is truly our main priority, that's why our accurate and strict research takes us to the best locations in Italy and worldwide to pick out those unique ingredients known as “the Elite” (Madagascar vanilla, Piemonte hazelnuts, Bronte pistachios, many prestigious chocolate varieties from Belgium - central and south America and many more)

Before launching a new product we are deeply dedicated in the development of new recipes which are the result of several balancing calculations and trials thus generating the best combination so to offer our customers top quality and standards. Our policy is to stay updated and competitive by constantly working on the research and development of new trends, new flavours and matches.





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